On The Ground for 2020

Happy New Year! It’s 2020, and that means big things are in store for Bay Ridge and our nation. We’re joined in the studio by Tyler Adams and Matthew Malloy, volunteer organizers for Elizabeth Warren. Organizing in South Brooklyn since August, they have unique insights into how the presidential campaign ground game will shape local politics, and how we can keep our batteries charged and our minds clear for the fights ahead.

No Vacancy

The stores are closing! The Avenues are vacant! Or are they? Today, we’re talking Storefront Vacancy rates.

Join us as co-host Erik interviews our other co-host Dan, who has been walking around the neighborhood since January collecting some hyper-local data about our commercial vacancy rates. We’ll learn what can lead us to think that there is a vacancy “crisis”, what the actual numbers are, and how we can begin to move away from a narrative that centers the concerns of property owners and get back toward the concerns of mom-and-pop merchants.

Crafting Bay Ridge’s Art Galleries

Bay Ridge art galleries? Yes, they exist, and they’re growing rapidly, bringing together our already sizable community of local artists… and attracting international talent. Today on the show we are sitting down with local gallery impresarios Jeannine Bardo and Elena Soterakis to get a look behind-the-scenes at how our local galleries are run.

The Bodega Boycott

After an incident of tasteless manufactured outrage by the New York Post, Bodega owners across our neighborhood (and the city) finally had enough. We check in with Rabyaah Althaibani, our local Yemeni community organizer, who has been assisting the Yemeni American Merchants Association in instituting a boycott of the New York Post in local bodegas.