Half of the cyclist deaths in New York City to date have been in Southern Brooklyn. Bay Ridge and it’s neighbors have historically lagged behind in cyclist safety improvements, while the rest of the city has seen major investment. But 2019 marks a turning point, as Bay Ridge will see it’s first protected bike lane (that isn’t inside a park), and a possible 53% increase in it’s total bike lane mileage. That includes a massive 114% increase in it’s dedicated bike lanes.

Today on the show our longtime transit correspondent Brian Hedden gets to talk about his work with Bike South Brooklyn!, our local cycling advocacy group. We will break down the new bike lane proposals, how they work, and some of the misconceptions around the design. We also suggest a few improvements, and rate the overall proposal. Is it too much? Not enough? Listen in and find out!

A table of residents work on designing the recently unveiled bike network expansion during a workshop at Shore Hill in January 2019.

Show Notes

Get Involved with Bike South Brooklyn!

As we discussed, Brian is a lead organizer with Bike South Brooklyn! While not Bay Ridge specific, his group does cover Bay Ridge cycling advocacy. It also stretches as far out as Marine Park, covering a big chunk of Southern Brooklyn. They’ve been actively involved in the bike network planning process for about a year and a half, showing up to Community Board meetings and providing input. Members also drove significant turnout at the January planning workshop.

The group is open to cyclists of all ages and skill levels who want to help push for safer, more inclusive, and better designed bike infrastructure. They also have fun social rides throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. You can check them out on their website or Facebook group.

Learn More About the Proposals

Remember to read the DOT’s proposals if you want more details. The Bike Network expansion is it’s own project, with it’s own webpage complete with an interactive feedback map. It’s kind of like the participatory budgeting map! You can also directly download the presentation given to Community Board 10 as a pdf.

The 7th avenue part of the bike network is separate. It’s in a much finer state of detail. You can check out the exact presentation given to the Community Board for it as well.

Breaking Down Bay Ridge’s Transit Mileage

Brian also mentioned during the episode that Dan had calculated some of the overall road stats for Bay Ridge. There are 75 miles of car lanes in Bay Ridge. Each lane in any direction counts for the total mileage. Parking lanes were also included in the count. You can see what effect all of the bike network proposals will have on Bay Ridge in the table below. You can also see expand the box further down for even more detail on the bike lanes!

Road LaneExisting MileageProposed MileageChange
Automobile Lane75 miles74.4 miles-.008%
Parking Lane105 miles105 milesNone
Class 3 Bike Lane (Sharrow)5.1 miles6.22 miles+22%
Class 2 Bike Lane (Dedicated)6.31 miles13.51 miles+114%
Class 1 Bike Lane (Protected)6.68 miles*7.94 miles+19%

* Note: Does not include highway and onramp/offramp mileage. Does not include Dyker Heights.

Detailed Bike Lane Breakdowns…

Existing Bike Lanes

6th AveClass 3 1.84 mi (0.92 each way)
Ft Hamilton PkwyClass 30.68 mi (0.31 each way + 0.06 one way)
Marine Ave.Class 31.32 mi (0.66 each way)
5th Ave.Class 30.72 mi (0.36 each way)
Colonial Rd.Class 30.25 mi (one way)
Wakeman Pl.Class 20.29 mi (one way)
68th St.Class 21 mi (one way)
3rd Ave.Class 20.15 mi (one way)
Colonial Rd.Class 21.47 mi (one way)
Oliver St.Class 20.03 mi (one way)
Shore Rd.Class 22.71 mi (0.59 each way + 1.53 one way)
Ft Hamilton PkwyClass 20.66 mi (0.28 each way + 0.1 one way)
Leif Ericson GreenwayClass 11.1 mi (0.55 each way)
Owl’s Head Park Dog RunClass 10.88 mi (0.44 each way)
Bay Ridge PromenadeClass 14.7 mi (2.35 each way)

Proposed Lanes

Bay Ridge PkwyClass 31.12 mi (0.49 each way + 0.14 one way)
Bay Ridge PkwyClass 20.96 mi (0.41 each way + 0.14 one way)
84th St.Class 20.75 mi (one way)
85th St.Class 20.87 mi (one way)
3rd Ave.Class 22.83 mi (1.16 each way + 0.51 one way)
Ridge Blvd.Class 21.56 mi (one way)
7th Ave.Class 20.23 mi (one way)
7th Ave.Class 11.26 mi (0.63 each way)

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