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A photograph of District Leader candidate Mark Hanna in Shore Road Park

District Leaders: How To Reform The Party

Join us for a (boozy) talk with local activist, attorney, and District Leader candidate Mark Hanna as we discuss what a District Leader actually does. Along the way we’ll explore party machine politics, corruption, and reform in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and beyond!

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A set of three maps showing the new 2022-2032 political maps for Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This set represents the boundaries of the State Senate, State Assembly, and House Congressional Districts.

A Guide To Bay Ridge’s New District Maps

The courts hav finished redistricting our political maps based on the 2020 Census. This includes the New York State Senate, the state Assembly, and the federal Congressional districts for the House of Representatives. What has changed in Bay Ridge? Are you in a new district? Check our maps to find out.

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The Lawmaker Of Bay Ridge

With nearly fifty bills passed, we sit down with State Senator Andrew Gounardes to ask how a bill becomes a law in Albany. Where do the ideas come from? What is the process for writing a bill? How does he manage to keep up during long legislative sessions at the State Capitol? Join us as we learn how our State Senator accomplishes the one job so many other politicians ignore: legislating.

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Who Is Brian Fox?

Brian Fox seems to have come out of nowhere… and he may be one of the most radical candidates to ever run for office in Bay Ridge. Join us as we dig into Mr. Fox’s background, political alliances, social media history, and campaign stunts.

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Public Health vs. The Economy

Ed Yoo returns to the show to discuss how politicians pushed an “open the economy” narrative that had disastrous repercussions for public health, data transparency, and contribute to hundreds of deaths in our neighborhood.

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A photo of Brittany Ramos DeBarros, courtesy of her campaign.

Interview with Brittany Ramos DeBarros

Join us as we sit down with NY11 candidate Brittany Ramos DeBarros. We’ll explore the dangers of partisanship and how military contractors and war profiteering have left troops tokenized, demoralized, and without basic services. To counter these forces, we’ll explore how our district can engage with a Just Transition framework and invest in demilitarizing our civic systems. By removing our reliance on militarism and nationalism, we can build a leaner government that maximizes health and sustainability.