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Public Health vs. The Economy

Ed Yoo returns to the show to discuss how politicians pushed an “open the economy” narrative that had disastrous repercussions for public health, data transparency, and contribute to hundreds of deaths in our neighborhood.

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A photo of Brittany Ramos DeBarros, courtesy of her campaign.

Interview with Brittany Ramos DeBarros

Join us as we sit down with NY11 candidate Brittany Ramos DeBarros. We’ll explore the dangers of partisanship and how military contractors and war profiteering have left troops tokenized, demoralized, and without basic services. To counter these forces, we’ll explore how our district can engage with a Just Transition framework and invest in demilitarizing our civic systems. By removing our reliance on militarism and nationalism, we can build a leaner government that maximizes health and sustainability.

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The January 9th 2021 protest against Nicole Malliotakis at her then-empty District Office

Resign Malliotakis

A deep-dive into Nicole Malliotakis’s legislative history. We’ll explore into a very unusual bill that leads us on a journey back to the 1970s. We’ll unravel a web of land-grabs, NIMBYism, political backstabbing, racism, and legal maneuvers to keep Staten Island segregated.

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Voting In A Pandemic

The 2020 Election is being held in the middle of a pandemic. You may be a bit concerned about crowding into a voting booth on election day. Today, we go over some of the other options you have to make sure your vote is counted on Election Day!

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The November 2019 Public Advocate Election in Bay Ridge

Join us on our latest deep-dive! We’re looking back to November of 2019 for a complete analysis of the sleepy general election for Public Advocate. It’s more than just who was on the ballot. We have first-time data for Libertarian voters, for example. We also tease apart correlations on how reliable Conservative Party and Republican Party voters are in the absence of big up-ticket candidates.

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Guests Taylor and Matt speaking in the studio with co-host Erik Shell.

On The Ground for 2020

Happy New Year! It’s 2020, and that means big things are in store for Bay Ridge and our nation. We’re joined in the studio by Tyler Adams and Matthew Malloy, volunteer organizers for Elizabeth Warren. Organizing in South Brooklyn since August, they have unique insights into how the presidential campaign ground game will shape local politics, and how we can keep our batteries charged and our minds clear for the fights ahead.