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A photograph of District Leader candidate Mark Hanna in Shore Road Park

District Leaders: How To Reform The Party

Join us for a (boozy) talk with local activist, attorney, and District Leader candidate Mark Hanna as we discuss what a District Leader actually does. Along the way we’ll explore party machine politics, corruption, and reform in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and beyond!

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There Are No Accidents

Explore how corporations fail to keep us safe and blind us to dangerous, and profitable, conditions in our built environment. Local author and journalist Jessie Singer takes the lessons from her latest book, There Are No Accidents, and helps us apply them to our own neighborhood of Bay Ridge.

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The Lawmaker Of Bay Ridge

With nearly fifty bills passed, we sit down with State Senator Andrew Gounardes to ask how a bill becomes a law in Albany. Where do the ideas come from? What is the process for writing a bill? How does he manage to keep up during long legislative sessions at the State Capitol? Join us as we learn how our State Senator accomplishes the one job so many other politicians ignore: legislating.

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Give Us Shelter

Over 120 of our neighbors are homeless and in city shelters at any given time. But we have zero shelter beds in our neighborhood to help them. We are not doing our fair share. But we have a plan, and a petition, to change that. Join us for a 40 year history of NIMBY tactics and hyper-local stats as we explore what it would take to provide shelter in Bay Ridge

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The January 9th 2021 protest against Nicole Malliotakis at her then-empty District Office

Resign Malliotakis

A deep-dive into Nicole Malliotakis’s legislative history. We’ll explore into a very unusual bill that leads us on a journey back to the 1970s. We’ll unravel a web of land-grabs, NIMBYism, political backstabbing, racism, and legal maneuvers to keep Staten Island segregated.

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A banner image showing NYPD Officers blockading a street in Bay Ridge during a Back the Blue Rally

Reforming Our NYPD

2020 was a year that nobody should forget. The unjust deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd prompted a nationwide […]

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Three of the founding members of Bay Ridge For Social Justice: Yasmine, Sherry and Danielle, in the Radio Free Bay Ridge studio.

The Origins of Bay Ridge For Social Justice

Our profiles of Bay Ridge activist groups continues! Meet Bay Ridge For Social Justice, one of the most radical (and important) groups in our neighborhood. Join Yasmine, Sherry and Danielle as we explore the groups early days opposing injustice and bigotry in our neighborhood.

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March for Pablo Villavicencio Calderon

On June 1st, a Queens pizza deliveryman named Pablo was arrested by ICE while trying to deliver pizza to some soldiers. But Bay Ridge was not silent about the unjust deportation and entrapment occuring in our own back yard. Listen to your fellow neighbors and march along as we bring you to the protest.

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John Papanier on Staten Island’s Town Hall For Our Lives

Local students have been rising up after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. They are demanding changes to our gun laws. There have been walkouts at at schools across the district, and local forums are being held. Today we meet with John Papanier, the organizer of the Town Hall for Our Lives that was recently held on Staten Island.