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No Vacancy

The stores are closing! The Avenues are vacant! Or are they? Today, we’re talking Storefront Vacancy rates.

Join us as co-host Erik interviews our other co-host Dan, who has been walking around the neighborhood since January collecting some hyper-local data about our commercial vacancy rates. We’ll learn what can lead us to think that there is a vacancy “crisis”, what the actual numbers are, and how we can begin to move away from a narrative that centers the concerns of property owners and get back toward the concerns of mom-and-pop merchants.

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The Bay Ridge 5th Avenue BID

Bay Ridge is lucky to have three major commercial avenues acting as an economic lifeblood to the community. Amanda Zenteno is the Executive Director of the 5th Avenue Business Improvement District, which focuses on keeping our Avenues healthy and vibrant.

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A Million Dollar Question

Participatory Budgeting is here, newly brought to Bay Ridge by Councilman Justin Brannan. It gives residents a chance to suggest, and vote on, how to spend $1 million of City Council funds! Learn how to get involved in this experiment in local democracy.