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Three of the founding members of Bay Ridge For Social Justice: Yasmine, Sherry and Danielle, in the Radio Free Bay Ridge studio.

The Origins of Bay Ridge For Social Justice

Our profiles of Bay Ridge activist groups continues! Meet Bay Ridge For Social Justice, one of the most radical (and important) groups in our neighborhood. Join Yasmine, Sherry and Danielle as we explore the groups early days opposing injustice and bigotry in our neighborhood.

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Guests Taylor and Matt speaking in the studio with co-host Erik Shell.

On The Ground for 2020

Happy New Year! It’s 2020, and that means big things are in store for Bay Ridge and our nation. We’re joined in the studio by Tyler Adams and Matthew Malloy, volunteer organizers for Elizabeth Warren. Organizing in South Brooklyn since August, they have unique insights into how the presidential campaign ground game will shape local politics, and how we can keep our batteries charged and our minds clear for the fights ahead.

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The Bodega Boycott

After an incident of tasteless manufactured outrage by the New York Post, Bodega owners across our neighborhood (and the city) finally had enough. We check in with Rabyaah Althaibani, our local Yemeni community organizer, who has been assisting the Yemeni American Merchants Association in instituting a boycott of the New York Post in local bodegas.

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The Art of the Gerrymander

What happens when art, activism, and good government collide? Find out as we explore Fight Back Bay Ridge’s art exhibition and fundraiser raising awareness of our gerrymandered State Senate district!

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Welcome to Bay Ridge (2018 Edition)

Are you new to Bay Ridge? This is the podcast for you! Every year, we bring you a personal guide to the neighborhood: groups to join, food to eat, things to see and do. Get plugged in to the best progressive community in the city!

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March for Pablo Villavicencio Calderon

On June 1st, a Queens pizza deliveryman named Pablo was arrested by ICE while trying to deliver pizza to some soldiers. But Bay Ridge was not silent about the unjust deportation and entrapment occuring in our own back yard. Listen to your fellow neighbors and march along as we bring you to the protest.