We want to hear from you! You can get in touch with us in a couple of ways:

Share your comments on social media

You can leave a comment on any episode page! You can also leave us a review on iTunes or Google Play… to be honest, we’re not really trying to top any trending charts since we’re so hyper-local, but it does let other neighbors know if you think we’re doing a good job! We are also pretty active on social media, so you can connect with us either on Facebook or Twitter. Radio Free Bay Ridge is an all-volunteer effort, but we try to respond as fast as we can!

Email us to tell us your story

Most importantly, if you have a story to tell, want to get in touch with us about the podcast in general, you can always email us directly at [email protected]. We adore lengthy feedback and episode ideas. This podcast isn’t just for us: it’s a platform for any progressive idea or voice that focuses on Bay Ridge… especially voices that have been consistently disenfranchised or ignored in other media.

On the Town

Oh, and one final note… if you see any of us hanging out around Bay Ridge, grabbing groceries, sitting in a coffee shop, or protesting in front of a politician’s office… feel free to say hi! We’re always down to chat about the show and the neighborhood in general. But since you’ll probably be hearing our voices alot on the podcast… why not reach out to some other progressives around the neighborhood too! Check out some of the great progressive organizations right here in Bay Ridge you can get involved in (hint hint, you’ll probably see us there!)