We’ve gathered together some helpful contact info on your local government and civic organizations to help you know who’s who in Bay Ridge! Remember! Phone calls are best!

Elected Officials

Council Member Justin Brannan

City Council District 43

Councilman Justin Brannan at City Hall

Email: [email protected]

District Office 8018 5th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11209 | 718-748-5200 phone | 347-578-7717 fax

Legislative Office:  250 Broadway, Room 1747 | New York, NY 10007 | 212-788-7363 phone | 212-442-5875 fax

NY City Council Committees:
Contracts (Chair) – [View Schedule]
Education – [View Schedule]
Fire and Emergency Management – [View Schedule]
Parks and Recreation – [View Schedule]
Public Safety – [View Schedule]
Veterans – [View Schedule]
Youth Services – [View Schedule]

State Senator Andrew Gounardes

State Senate District 22

State Senator Andrew Gounardes

Email: [email protected]

Bay Ridge Office: Location Coming Soon| 718-238-6044 phone

Legislative Office:  Legislative Office Building, 198 State St, Room 409| Albany, NY 12247 | 518-455-2730 phone | 518-426-6782 fax

Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis

State Assembly District 64

Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis

Email: [email protected]

Staten Island Office: 11 Maplewood Place | Staten Island, NY 10306 | 718-987-0197 phone | 718-987-0863 fax
Bay Ridge Office: Closed

Legislative Office:  Legislative Office Building, Room 404 | Albany, NY 12248| 518-455-5718 phone | 518-455-5970 fax

Assembly Member Mathylde Frontus

State Assembly District 46

Assembly Member Mathylde Frontus

Email: [email protected]

District Office: 2823 West 12th Street, Suite 1F | Brooklyn, NY 11224 | 718-266-0267 phone

Legislative Office:  TBD | Albany, NY 12248| 518-455-4811 phone

Congress Member Max Rose

New York House District 11

Congress Member Max Rose

Email: Use this form!

Staten Island Office: 265 New Dorp Lane, Second Floor | Staten Island, NY 10306 | phone 718-667-3313

Legislative Office:  
Longworth House Office Building 15 Independence Ave SE, Room 1529 | Washington, D.C. 20515 | 202-225-3371 phone

Local Bureaucracy

Brooklyn Community Board 10

Our local Community Board is a volunteer municipal organization that weighs in and endorses local projects, helps deal with ULURP and zoning issues, oversees liquor licenses, and acts as a liaison with city agencies to address local concerns.

Current President: Doris Cruz
Current District Manager: Josephine Beckmann

Brooklyn CB10 Office: 8119 5th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11209 | phone 718-745-6827 | fax 718-836-2447 | email [email protected]

Learn aboute our Community Board in the following episodes: Bay Ridge’s ‘Little City Hall’

Community Education Council – District 20

Our local Community Education Council is what replaced our local school board in the 2000’s. They oversee elementary and junior high schools, acting as the voice of district parents. They help shape educational policy in the district, school zoning, and help review capital plans.

Current President: Adele Doyle
Current Vice-Presidents: Eugene Strupinsky & Sandy Chum-Wu

Brooklyn CEC20 Office: 415 89th Street, Room 410 | Brooklyn, NY 11209 | phone 718-759-3921 | fax 718-759-3920 | email [email protected]

68 Precinct.

Twitter: @NYPD68Pct

Precinct: (718) 439- 4211

Community Affairs: (718) 439-4220
Crime Prevention: (718) 439-3455
Domestic Violence: (718) 439-4217
Youth Officer: (718) 439-4254
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 439-4223
Detective Squad: (718) 439-4230 /236/237

If you have a problem but you’re not sure who to call, check out the local government section of “Who Can I Blame for This” from Women of Color for Progress. | website: www.womenofcolorforprogress.org