Privacy and Media Policies

Effective 1/30/2019

At Radio Free Bay Ridge, we are dedicated to transparency and user privacy. We’ll be expanding and clarifying how we use your data, both through our podcast and with this website, below.

Website Privacy Policy

We prevent others (and ourselves, mostly) from accessing features on your device.

Radio Free Bay Ridge fully supports Feature Policies, a security measure that disallows our site, or anyone we link to, from accessing or activating your phone or computer. If a site we link to (or embed from) gets hacked, this keeps them from accessing your devices. [Read more about Feature Policies]

Note that Feature Policies are, as of writing this policy, only supported in Chrome, Safari, and Opera. If you are using an Android or iPhone, you should be good! [Check browser support]

DirectiveFeatureWho has access?
microphoneActivating your microphoneNobody (Including us)
fullscreenEnabling full-screenOnly us (No third parties)
paymentOpening payment apps (paypal, apple, etc)Nobody (Including us)
cameraActivating your cameraNobody (Including us)
geolocationCheck your locationOnly us (No third parties)
midiUse the web MIDI appNobody (Including us)
vrEnable Virtual Reality displaysNobody (Including us)

Note we only can access two features on your device: Your geolocation and whether we’re full-screened or not. Third parties we embed content from cannot access or enable these features.

We use the geolocation data to help determine how hyper-local we’re being and ensure Bay Ridge is our primary audience. We also let our code enable full-screening, mostly for viewing images, documents, and video.

We don’t let other websites know you came from this site.

Radio Free Bay Ridge fully supports Referrer Policies, which means that if you follow a link on our site, that site will not know you came from Radio Free Bay Ridge. By using links on, you will not be telling anyone that you ever visited our site! We are the only ones who can see what pages you visit on our site. [Read more about Referrer Policies]

Remember, we can see what pages linked you into our site, unless that site had a strict Referrer Policy of their own. We do check this data to see who is linking to us, usually to thank them (or block them if it’s a bunch of bots!)

DirectiveFeatureWho has access?
same-originWho can see that you clicked on a link hosted on us (No other websites)

More privacy policy info to come soon! We promise!