Today on the podcast, we’re doing something a bit different. We are welcoming our newest neighbors! In what we hope to be a yearly series, we are providing an overview of the neighborhood entirely geared for the newest Bay Ridgeites. If you spent this summer unpacking and exploring your new neighborhood, our contributors Mary and Erik, both new residents themselves, will fill you in. We’ll give you our personal food favorites and good drinking spots to meet up with other local progressives. We’ll let you know our favorite little Bay Ridge moments and things to do. Plus, we’ll fill you in on local politics and help hook you up with activist groups that happen to be around!

Welcome, Bay Ridge class of 2018! Don’t be a stranger.

Getting Connected

There are a bunch of great groups to get involved in, and ways to follow local activism and civic events. Bay Ridge is extremely active politically and socially, so here are some good places to start:

Local Progressive Activist Groups

As we mentioned on the show, there are three major local progressive activist groups. Bay Ridge for Social Justice, South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance, and Fight Back Bay Ridge. Check out our local progressives page to learn more about the other groups and ways you can get involved.

Social Media Accounts to Follow


We mentioned a few good places to plug in with your neighbors on Facebook. In addition to the groups above, we also recommend following Bay Ridge Parents and Bay Ridge Rocks if you have kids.

Stay away from some of the more public ones like Bay Ridge Talks, which can get rather toxic at times. For example, previous iterations of such groups have been closed for doxxing and encouraging violence against other neighbors. These open groups also have a rather high ratio of former residents who have since moved away.


The neighborhood also has an active Twitter scene. You can follow the most active and locally-focused twitter accounts using our public Twitter list.

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