On October 22nd, local activist group Fight Back Bay Ridge held their first fundraiser. Unlike many other groups, which focus on three-hundred-dollar-a-plate dinners or a cheesy speech, they did something both creative and community-building. They sent out a call to the Bay Ridge arts community, including Stand 4 Gallery and many more.

They challenged local artists to create artwork they’d be willing to donate for a silent auction. The theme was to raise awareness and creatively interpret the gerrymandered boundaries of Bay Ridge’s state senate district, SD22. The resulting gallery show brought together the activist and artistic communities of Bay Ridge for one of the first times. Our co-host Rachel Brody interviewed people at the event, discussing how they felt about art, politics, and their community.

Event Photos

Show Notes

Check Out the Artists

You can learn more about all of the local artists who participated by checking out their websites below:

You can also check out the Facebook Event for more info, details, and photos from the gallery exhibit and fundraiser.

Connect With Local Art Spaces

During the interviews, a couple of great artist-led spaces were mentioned. We’d be remiss to not mention, in addition to The Owl’s Head Wine Bar, Jeannine’s Stand4 Gallery as well as Ellen’s PrintSpace.

There are also great places throughout Bay Ridge that are artist-friendly, like The Coop and Norma’s Arts and Crafts Supplies. There are also places that focus on crafts and kids programs, such as The Painted Pot, The Art Room, and more.

Learn More About Local Art Policy

John Avelluto mentions he interviewed Andrew Gounardes about arts policy for the local progressive blog Hey Ridge. Here’s the interview, where you can learn about local arts funding, improving arts education, creating new spaces for artists to engage with the community, and more.

More About Gerrymandering

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