We’re finally doing it. Our long-awaited episode digging into Nicole Malliotakis’s legislative history… such that it is. We’ll go over her voting record before digging into a very unusual bill that leads us on a journey back to the 1970s. We’ll unravel a web of land-grabs, NIMBYism, political backstabbing, racism, and legal maneuvers to keep Staten Island segregated. And how, aware or not, Nicole’s only legislative achievement has its roots in Staten Island’s long history of oppression and exclusion.

Come for the analysis, stay for Dan and Rachel getting more fired up than they’ve ever been on the podcast. We’ll look into Nicole’s rejection of Democratic norms, her history of incitement going back to 2017, and her inability to reject people who maim law enforcement officers or who spout Nazi slogans.

The January 9th protest in Bay Ridge at Nicole Malliotakis’s empty Congressional District Office. | Photo by Mary Hetteix

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Resign Malliotakis

During the pod, we discussed many of Nicole’s crummy votes during her time in the State Assembly. Rachel mentions a volunteer who documented her voting record. You can check that out on the ResignMalliotakis website.

The Rouse Development

From The New York Times Time Machine, May 14th 1970.

Note the presence of landfill for development at what is now Great Kills Park, the only part of the Gateway National Recreation Area that Staten Island Republicans wanted included in the park. Eventually they’d add the northern beachfront areas not under risk of development after transit provisions had been stripped from the Gateway project federally.

For more about the project (and great images of the proposed development) check out The Limits of Liberal Planning: the Lindsay Administration’s Failed Plan to Control Development on Staten Island by Jeffrey A. Kroessler.

Bill Jacket Information

Bill Jacket information for the 2000 version of the bill, sponsored by the late State Senator Marchi himself.

Our Reciepts…

A copy of our final email to Malliotakis’s office requesting comment on the legislation. There was no response (click to enlarge).

IDNYC Protest Letter to Neighbors

During the episode, Dan mentioned that Nicole has previously leaned dangerously close to inciting people. In light of the capitol riots, he mentioned an IDNYC protest in which Malliotakis suggested that protesters peacefully marching through the neighborhood could become a riot, and sent letters to her neighbors warning them.

Here’s the letter:

A letter Nicole Malliotakis sent to neighbors warning of an IDNYC protest
The letter distributed and personally signed by Nicole Malliotakis to warn her neighbors of a “protest march” against the IDNYC, warning residents that “proper order” may not be maintained by the peaceful marchers.

You can read about how the protest went at SocialistWorker.org

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