Today we look at how Bay Ridge nativism affects the neighborhood discourse (and thus, our politics). We’ll interview former and current Bay Ridge residents, as well as political candidates, to see what they think. We’ll explore different ways of looking at Bay Ridge based on where and when you were born. Does an emphasis on birthplace and/or residency drown out and discourage other voices and opinions? Does an idea have to start in our neighborhood to be of value or improve our lives?

In short, does local nativism make Bay Ridge more — or less (and we’re betting you can guess which side we’re on) — welcoming? And given that, how does this phenomenon manifest in our politics, and how can we work to counter (or eliminate) it?

News Updates

  • CORRECTION: Giselle Mendez’s sister is protected by DACA; the 14-year-old was speaking out to ask Congressman Donovan his position on passing a clean DREAM act. Check out Giselle’s interview skills here | Giselle in her own words from the Staten Island Advance. Want more info? Click here.
  • News coverage of Dan Donovan’s Bay Ridge “Coffee with your Congressman” event. Brooklyn Daily | Brooklyn Reporter | Video of the #CD11Handmaids at Staten Island’s Shouth Shore Coffee with your Congressman” event.
  • Find out more about Justin Brannan’s transition team, including application information, here
  • Councilmember-elect Justin Brannan was interviewed by Bklyner this week, and talked about something we’re going to delve deeper into in our next episode: the new school he promised us during the election!
  • Every candidate for city council speaker is in favor of extending term limits. Which candidate do you want our councilmember to vote for? Learn more about this race and its importance here. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Show Notes

Jack Joseph

Omar Vaid

Alan Holt

Run, do not walk, to your local bookstore.”  

Alan Holt
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