Welcome to our series on Congressional Contenders for the Democratic primary nomination in NY Congressional District 11! Currently held by Rep. Dan Donovan (R) there is a wide field of challengers – and we’re here to bring you discussions with each and every one of them.

Our first guest is Major Boyd Melson, US Army Reserves, who recently withdrew from the race to volunteer for deployment to the Middle East – but met with us to discuss spinal cord injuries, stem cell research, the opioid epidemic, his non-profit work, and some of the problems in today’s politics. It’s the perfect starter to our series on the candidates vying for your primary vote in June 2018.

Breaking News: Listen to the very end of the show for our first Radio Free Bay Ridge exclusive…Boyd Melson tells us who he’s endorsing now that he’s out of the race!

Boyd training | Courtesy Boyd Melson

Get Involved

Get in touch with Boyd:
Twitter: @BoydMelson
Instagram: @BoydMelson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boyd.melson.9

Donate to some of Boyd’s charities:
Spinal Cord Injuries: Team Fight To Walk
Opioid and drug use recovery: BigVision.nyc
Non-profit status for KOA-Knock Out Addiciton is currently pending.

Show Notes

Further Reading and Listening

  • Listen to the Gravesend “Coffee with your Congressman” event to hear Rep. Donovan discuss Net Neutrality with a medical activist
  • Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams. Boyd mentions the movie as a source of his belief that you must treat people, not diseases.
  • If you haven’t already, listen to our last studio episode about¬†Nativism!
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