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A photograph of District Leader candidate Mark Hanna in Shore Road Park

District Leaders: How To Reform The Party

Join us for a (boozy) talk with local activist, attorney, and District Leader candidate Mark Hanna as we discuss what a District Leader actually does. Along the way we’ll explore party machine politics, corruption, and reform in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and beyond!

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A set of three maps showing the new 2022-2032 political maps for Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This set represents the boundaries of the State Senate, State Assembly, and House Congressional Districts.

A Guide To Bay Ridge’s New District Maps

The courts hav finished redistricting our political maps based on the 2020 Census. This includes the New York State Senate, the state Assembly, and the federal Congressional districts for the House of Representatives. What has changed in Bay Ridge? Are you in a new district? Check our maps to find out.

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The Lawmaker Of Bay Ridge

With nearly fifty bills passed, we sit down with State Senator Andrew Gounardes to ask how a bill becomes a law in Albany. Where do the ideas come from? What is the process for writing a bill? How does he manage to keep up during long legislative sessions at the State Capitol? Join us as we learn how our State Senator accomplishes the one job so many other politicians ignore: legislating.

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Welcome To (Ember’s) Bay Ridge

We’ve got a new contributor to the podcast! Meet Ember, perhaps one of the biggest fans of Bay Ridge ever. Together, we’re going to update our old podcast episode called “Welcome To Bay Ridge”, intended for new (and new-at-heart) residents. Get our recommendations on where to eat! Learn what “The Hole” is! Find out what restaurant has the most attractive servers! Does Bay Ridge have a travelator? And where can you find the local waterfall? Have you seen the parrot man? Tune in and find out the answers as we geek out about Bay Ridge, our nation’s capitol.

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Reverend Robert Emerick of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church

Reverend Bob

For years, spiritual spaces in Bay Ridge have been key to progressive organizing. On todays episode, we say goodbye to Reverend Robert Emerick of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church. Being forcibly retired after seventeen years, Reverend Bob reflects on how he and his congregation let their spiritual and moral beliefs guide them through controversy and make innovative economic, civic, and educational impacts on Bay Ridge.

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A banner image showing NYPD Officers blockading a street in Bay Ridge during a Back the Blue Rally

Reforming Our NYPD

2020 was a year that nobody should forget. The unjust deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd prompted a nationwide […]

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Happy Holidays, Bay Ridge!

Whether it is donating, volunteering, or simply going out and enjoying what the neighborhood has to offer, there are many ways to give back this holiday season. Here are a few of them.

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2020 Census

Our 50th episode! Join Rachel and Dan as they ask local politicians and activists why the 2020 census is important, and how they’re making sure Bay Ridge counts.