The 2021 Bay Ridge City Council race was one of the most toxic local elections in recent memory. There was a lot of partisan misinformation going around. Some claim there was election fraud. Others claim the election was stolen. Radio Free Bay Ridge is dedicated to correcting the record, especially about voting integrity. Today, we’re focusing on the Absentee Ballot count. Click on the questions below to learn the facts behind common misconceptions about the 2021 City Council election in Bay Ridge.

General Election Fraud Claims

Dead People Voting

Fake Absentee Ballots

Update – 2/13/2022 – Radio Free Bay Ridge is still actively investigating the challenges made to ballots in the 2021 election. We intend to clarify whether the Fox campaign challenged ballots based mainly on the perceived ethnicity of the voters’ names. We will update this list once we receive independent verification of the events, and we are not taking either campaign’s claims on face value.

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