Last updated 11/28/2020

Congressperson Nicole Malliotakis has been one of our elected officials for some time. She has represented some of the hosts of this podcast since 2011. She has only ever been a member of the minority body to which she was elected.

Thus, much of her time in elected office is spent yelling at things she can’t actually change. This antagonism further sabotages any possibility of bipartisan outreach for the bills she puts forward.

Generally, when the press covers her statements, they have trouble framing it as anything substantial. Instead, the go-to word has been that she has “slammed” something, implying forceful action without actually describing what, if anything, has changed.

Without further ado, here is our breakdown of things Nicole Malliotakis has “slammed” while acting in her role as our representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

11/26/2020 • Malliotakis slams the idea of establishing a legal pathway to citizenship for immigrants within the first 100 days of the Biden presidency. Her argument is that Coronavirus is a more important focus. At no point did President Biden say he would stop focusing on Coronavirus, merely that this was one of the bills he would ask the Senate to consider. Nicole Malliotakis is not a member of the Senate. (via. Daily Mail)

2. Her Own Position on Using Federal Funds to Bail Out New York City Businesses

11/28/2020 • Malliotakis used Twitter to flip-flop on her own position that reopening businesses was essential to the economy. She previously sued the State to reopen restaurants, and had defended defunding New York City of federal relief.

President Trump had defunded parts of New York’s federal funding, putting the MTA into a fiscal crisis which led to the possibility of the Staten Island discount on the Verrazzano Bridge being revoked. Malliotakis had defended the position, being quoted in the Staten Island Advance as saying:

“You can’t break federal laws with radical far left policies and squander billions in tax dollars on pet projects like ThriveNYC, then defund the NYPD with expectations that the federal government will bail you out.”

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