Today we sit down with the women who made 2018’s South Brooklyn electoral blue wave a reality. Our panel discusses the importance of a ground game in politics, tips for canvassers, and what it’s like to manage teams of volunteers and staff during an election year.

Our panel consists of co-host Rachel Brody who was the Brooklyn Field Director for the Max Rose campaign; Genna Goldsobel who acted as the Field Director for volunteers for Ross Barkan for State Senate; Mary Hetteix, who worked for Immigrant Action; and Sihem Mel who worked as a Field Organizer for Arab and Muslim outreach with the Andrew Gounardes campaign.

From left to right: Mary Hetteix, Sihem Mel, Genna Goldsobel, and Rachel Brody.

Meet Our Panel

Rachel Brody
Max Rose for Congress, 2018 Deputy Field Director

Genna Goldsobel
Ross Barkan for New York, 2018 Volunteer Field Organizer

Mary Hetteix
New York State Immigrant Action Fund, 2018 Coordinator

Sihem Mel
Andrew Gounardes for State Senate, 2018 Field Organizer / Arab & Muslim Outreach

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