The 2019 Public Advocate Special Election in Bay Ridge

At A Glance

  • Bay Ridge was won by Eric Ulrich, but that’s not the whole story. He only took 34% of the vote, worse than any other Republican in the past 3 years.
  • The low-turnout election provides lots of opportunities for analyzing the base of each local political party, and how they have shifted over time.
  • Ulrich fits into a trend of declining prospects for Republicans in Southern Brooklyn.

Welcome to our analysis of the 2019 Public Advocate Special Election!

Why dig so deep into such a small, low-turnout election? Because honestly, it reveals information that has nothing to do with the Public Advocate race. Join us as we use the results to analyze both the Democratic and Republican party, and make some predictions about overall enrollment and the political climate of Bay Ridge moving into the future.

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Election Night Live

SD22 Election Night Live Results

2018 SD22 Election Results by ED

About The Results

  • Thanks for joining us! We’ve stopped updating our results tonight. The results are accurate to the unofficial Board of Elections results.
  • Golden is demanding a count of absentees, though we don’t see a scenario where they will break in his favor. Congratulations to Senator Elect Gounardes.
  • If you have problems viewing the map, you can view the map here as well.

On Election Day 2018, we covered the election live! By popular demand, we decided to focus on the SD22 race between Martin Golden and Andrew Gounardes. We updated a live map that showed the district-by-district results as they came in. You can check out the full interactive map below, which we’ve kept for posterity.

You can also check out our election night live-tweet thread to relive the moment!

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Interactive Map

Analysis of the 2018 SD22 Democratic Primary

At A Glance

  • Turnout across the district increased, especially in Marine Park and Bay Ridge.
  • Ross Barkan drove turnout for Cynthia Nixon.
  • Andrew Gounardes has strong base support across the entire district.
  • Certain conservative turnout strategies are showing hints of reduced effect.
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Interactive Map

Analysis of the 2018 NY11 Democratic Primary

At A Glance

  • Democratic turnout in Bay Ridge was higher than average.
  • Republican turnout was lower than expected in their traditional “strongholds.”
  • Democrats form a majority in nearly every electoral district in Southern Brooklyn.
  • Strong ground game paid off more than social media.
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