Hey there, neighbors! We’re working on our second studio episode (and wow is it ever a doozy), but in the meantime, Bay Ridge’s three candidates for city council have taken part in another debate, this time focusing on progressive issues including immigration reform, police accountability, and equality. They also fielded questions from the audience.

Hosted by the Arab-American Association of New York and cosponsored by Fight Back Bay Ridge and the South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance, the full debate can be viewed on the SBPR Facebook page.

Or, we’ve cleaned up an audio recording for your listening pleasure.

If you are listening at home, don’t forget to pour yourself some juice and check out our Debate Drinking Game. (Tip: while you won’t see it on the video or hear it in the audio, word on the street is that Marty Golden did show up at the beginning. So…that’s one glass down already!)

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