On February 6th, 2020, local activist group Fight Back Bay Ridge organized a community forum to educate residents about local neo-nazi recruitment stickers and banner drops Bay Ridge. After a successful coalition-led solidarity march in January, many residents still had questions about the alt-right activity in the neighborhood. In response, local activists invited alt-right hate group expert Daryle Lamont Jenkins to speak and answer questions about what the recent flyerings mean for our community.

The event was held at the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, which was unfortunately graffitied and stickered by a neo-nazi group the night beforehand. But over 100 residents packed the pews anyway, and the event was respectful and focused. The majority of the event saw Daryle take questions from residents, and provide tips and context on how alt-right hate groups operate. He also explored the history of multiple groups, including the one that flyered in Bay Ridge. In fact, the man who ran over and murdered Heather Hayer in Charlottesville was a member of the group that is currently active in Bay Ridge and beyond.

Our thanks to Fight Back Bay Ridge for letting us record and document this event for the wider community.

Please note we will be slowly improving the automatic translation and closed captioning within the video over the next few days. Some participants in the audience have been blurred to respect their privacy since we do not have release forms to include them in this video.

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