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Analysis of the 2018 SD22 Democratic Primary

At A Glance

  • Turnout across the district increased, especially in Marine Park and Bay Ridge.
  • Ross Barkan drove turnout for Cynthia Nixon.
  • Andrew Gounardes has strong base support across the entire district.
  • Certain conservative turnout strategies are showing hints of reduced effect.
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Short Stories About Bay Ridge


This summer we sat down with fellow neighbors at various local strolls, street festivals, and block parties. They were kind enough to tell us their favorite memories of Bay Ridge. This is Diana’s story¬†about a case of mistaken identity, an unexpected tragedy, and an astounding revelation.

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Social Media Archives

Tweets from Marty Golden Troll Accounts

The Twitter banner image from Blue Collar Conservative, a fake account run by a staffer in Senator Marty Golden's office. It tweeted 17 times (with more replies), had 3 followers, 17 likes, and followed 29 accounts.

At A Glance

  • Republican State Senator Martin J. Golden’s staff have been campaigning using fake social media accounts, possibly using taxpayer funds.
  • There has been no comment to newspapers about Senator Marty Golden’s troll accounts.
  • This may be a state ethics violation.
  • We are providing a full list of Tweets from these fake accounts.
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Analysis of the 2018 NY11 Democratic Primary

At A Glance

  • Democratic turnout in Bay Ridge was higher than average.
  • Republican turnout was lower than expected in their traditional “strongholds.”
  • Democrats form a majority in nearly every electoral district in Southern Brooklyn.
  • Strong ground game paid off more than social media.
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