Episode Ideas

This isn’t just about us! We’re a small neighborhood… so we want you on the podcast! Feel free to get in touch with your ideas, feelings, or if you’d like to talk your head off on the podcast with us about any of these upcoming topics…


Gender and Constituency

While gender in politics itself is a massive, national issue, we’d like to focus down on the experiences of women as constituents within local politics, specifically during engagement with their elected officials. Marty Golden notoriously promoted ‘Etiquette Lessons’ for women as a way to improve their job prospects, but we’d like to hear stories about how local officials and their aides may have dismissed, talked-over, or mansplained to female constituents during meetings, phone calls, or informal chats. What obstacles do women have to overcome in order to be heard by their elected officials, and how does that affect what issues are considered important by city administrators? Are some issues ‘gendered’ more than others? Even further, what experiences do non-binary constituents face in gaining a voice? Does having to overcome these obstacles lead to more unproductive meetings, less representation, and worsening gaps in policy input from a broad spectrum of people? Share your ideas on how and what we should cover concerning this topic, we’d love your feedback!