About the Hosts

Rachel Lynn Brody
Producer, Radio Free Bay Ridge
Rachel is a writer and activist based in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She has worked with Grassroots Select, the Progressive Coders Network, Fight Back Bay Ridge and a number of other organizations. She was invited to join the Omar Vaid for Congress team as Technology Director in early December 2017, and accepted. She also writes plays (sometimes) and can often be found binge-reading google alerts for local political personalities.

Dan Hetteix
Producer, Radio Free Bay Ridge
In addition to his work on the podcast, Dan runs The Ambrose Light satirical blog. He often volunteers as a videographer for local events, protests, and political campaigns. His background is in technology, urban planning, architecture, and historic preservation. He spends whatever free time he has avidly reading, obsessing over tea, and playing with the studio’s cat.

Mary Hetteix
Cultural Correspondent and Office Manager
A former ESL teacher, Mary has volunteered for a variety of activist organizations, including the Khader El-Yateem Campaign, Fight Back Bay Ridge, South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance, and Bay Ridge for Social Justice.  She can often be found working on crafts, writing historical fiction, and getting drunk with socialists.

Erik Shell
Senior Correspondent, Radio Free Bay Ridge
Erik is an independent voter and formerly-closet progressive from Nowhere, Ohio. He works at a non-profit that promotes the learning of Ancient Greek and Latin, and is slowly trying to move into the education policy field. He enjoys playing D&D, hiking, and talking to strangers.